Conference: October 19-21, 2021
Exhibition: October 20-21, 2021

RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Exhibitor Resource Center

Welcome to the MRO Europe 2021 Exhibitor Resource Center. We are so excited to be able to meet again in person! Please make sure that you read through the items below carefully and be sure to download the Exhibitor Manual. There are some changes to display rules, deadlines and policies in accordance with RAI Amsterdam and Informa’s AllSecure standards for the health and safety of all of our attendees.

In making the safety, health and security of our attendees the highest priority, more time will be needed to secure catering, stand approvals and other exhibitor services. We are working closely with Freeman, RAI Amsterdam and all of our service partners to meet the highest standards and we appreciate your help and cooperation.

Please check back often as rules and policies and information may change through the course of the planning for this year’s event

The exhibition will take place at:

RAI Amsterdam
Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ 
Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Conference: Amtrium
Exhibition: Halls 1/5 
Entrance: K

The person listed as marketing contact on your Aviation Week account will receive login information for the RAI webshop and the Freeman ordering system. If you have not received login information, please contact Anita Joyce Wright, [email protected], +1.718.730.3192

Freeman Services

Freeman is our general services contractor and offers:

  • Shell Scheme add-ons
  • Electric
  • Nameboards
  • Floor Coverings
  • Furniture Rental

RAI Webshop

To access the RAI Webshop, the marketing contact for each exhibitor will receive a link and login. Authorized users (including EACs) can be added by the company contact. Services that are supplied by the venue include:

  • Safety items
  • Parking
  • Rigging
  • AV
  • Internet
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Hosts/Hostesses/Models
  • Contractor/Standbuilder passes


Exhibitor Move-in:


12:00 – 21:00

(54sqm or larger)


08:00 – 21:00

Raw Space Only


08:00 – 21:00

All Exhibitors (raw and shell)

The exhibition will be open for visitors


09:30 - 17:30


09:30 – 15:00

Registration Hours 

(Registration will take place inside Hall 1, accessible through Entrance K)


08:00 – 17:00


08:00 – 17:30


08:00 – 15:00

Exhibitor Breakdown


15:00 - 21:00

All shell scheme stands to be cleared of material by 17.00 


08:00 - 13:00



Early Order

The RAI Webshop

The marketing contact on your account will be contacted with credentials to log into the RAI webshop to place orders. Contractors can be added as users by the company contact.
RAI Amsterdam Exhibitor Services
Webshop Link
On Site late fees will be imposed starting 11 October

  • Safety items
  • Parking
  • Rigging
  • AV
  • Internet
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Hosts/Hostesses/Models
  • Contractor/Standbuilder passes


The RAI Webshop — Onsite Support

From the last set-up day and during the event, you can place your orders on-site via 020 549 1990 and confirm by e-mail to [email protected]



The Freeman Company (UK) Ltd

Unit DC 5, Prologis Park, Imperial Road,
Coventry. CV8 3LF
Sales: Exhibitor Services 
Tel: +44 (0) 2477 9900198
[email protected]

  • Shell Scheme Questions
  • Electric
  • Nameboards
  • Floor Coverings
  • Furniture Rental

15 September 2021

Design/Build Support

[email protected]

  • For space only stands looking for design / build options 


Booth Plans/Design Approval

Submit Booth Plans All raw-space booths must submit their design to
Allison Gold at [email protected] or 
Online Form

All plans are due by 10 September 2021

Exhibitor/Standbuilder Set-up Badges

Webshop link
Any person present in the exhibition halls during setup and breakdown must register and collect a pass from the RAI.

Prior to arrival on site

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors/Insurance

Anita Joyce Wright
Online Form


Freight/Shipping: Europe and Worldwide

CEVA Showfreight MRO Europe 2021
Folkstoneweg 182
1118 LN Schiphol Netherlands
Telephone : +44 (0) 33 0587 7412
Contact : Ron Hayes
E mail [email protected]

  • Material Handling
  • Empty Containers
  • Forklift Rental

See Section for deadlines

Freight/Shipping: TWI (US/Canada)

Shipping from US:
TWI Operations: Ryan Eagen - 
[email protected]
Shipping from Canada: Chris Drum
[email protected]

  • Freight/Shipping

See Section for Deadlines

Freight/Shipping: Traffic Management/Parking

Traffic Management via [email protected]



Lead Retrieval

Capture Technologies
Phone: +1 973.890.7600 ext. 117
Email: [email protected]



All contractors, suppliers, and vendors are required to complete the EAC form

Any person on site during buildAll contractors, suppliers, and vendors are required to complete the EAC form

Any person on site during build up or teardown will also be required to register with the RAI for a work pass. Passes can be ordered through the RAI webshop.

Exhibitor Event Badges

Exhibitors must be registered for posted show hours. Register online

Exhibitors who would like to attend conference sessions may also purchase discounted conference/session badges by choosing either Exhibitor Conference. You will need a promotion code in order to receive your discount, please contact Anita Joyce Wright to get the code at +1.718.730.3192 or [email protected].

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs)/Stand Builders

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) do not need to register as attendees. RAI aims to ensure that the Convention Centre not only provides a hospitable reception and high quality facilities but is also safe. Safety is therefore an issue that has the highest priority for RAI. Moreover, RAI is legally bound to comply with the statutory requirements, for example as laid down in the Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act.

  • During build-up and breakdown periods the Convention Centre is accessible only to persons who have a valid access badge issued by Amsterdam RAI for the build-up and breakdown period;
  • Persons who wish to be present in the exhibition halls during the build-up and breakdown of events should register online with Amsterdam RAI to obtain a badge; persons without a badge cannot obtain access to the Convention Centre;
  • Standbuilders and suppliers are urgently advised to register in advance as far as possible in order to ensure fast access on arrival at the Convention Centre;
  • Persons may not and will not be admitted by RAI without a valid work permit.

Build-up and breakdown badges

During the build-up and breakdown periods, RAI Amsterdam is only accessible with a valid access badge. This also applies to stand builders and/or suppliers. This policy is implemented in order that we know exactly who is present in the RAI and can act appropriately should an emergency situation arise.

Builders and suppliers can apply for setup badges through the RAI Webshop.
EACs must also complete the EAC form for show management at:

After registering, you will receive a voucher with which you can pick up the build-up and breakdown badge at various locations within the RAI. Registration on site is also possible, but may result in waiting times.


Aisle Carpet

Gangways will be carpeted in Mix Blue

Booth Equipment — Shell Scheme

  • Each shell scheme stand will be 2.48m high with white Infill panels
  • Black vinyl lettering to a 300mm high
    White fascia infills to each open
  • Each shell scheme stand will include 1 x 500w Socket & 2 x 100w Spotlights.
  • Your shell scheme stand carpet will be Azure and the gangways will be Mix Blue.

Raw Space Exhibitors

All raw space exhibitors will be expected to produce a professionally built custom stand with a high level of finish and safety compliance and one that is in line with the high-quality, professional nature of the event.

Please note space only stands do not receive carpet, walls or electrics.

You may download the display rules for MRO Americas here

All Raw-space booths must submit their designs using this link or be emailed to Allison Gold at [email protected].

The deadline for stand design submissions is 10 September 2021.

  • Designs must include all elevations including those of hanging signs. Plans submitted without elevations, will not be accepted.
  • Submission of information should be in the form of drawings and calculations, not photographs or rough sketches, as it is not possible to assess the structure without details of the stand.
  • No fixing is allowed into the hall floor at these venues, other means of securing the stands need to be considered.
  • Hanging signs are only permitted in island booths.
  • Drawings should contain enough detail to show exactly how the stand will be constructed including baseplates, joint construction support details etc.
  • Entire length and height of exterior walls (facing out of stand) must be completely finished and painted. Please cover all exposed gridwork, unfinished wood, framing, etc.
  • Failure to submit your designs may result in an inability to exhibit. Plans may be submitted using this link:


Hanging Signs and Graphics are allowed in Island booths only. Maximum height is 4m (16 feet) (6m height is permitted with Show Management's approval) at the top of the sign.

Rigging can be ordered via the RAI webshop.

Rules for rigging:

  • Rigging is only allowed above your own stand to the maximum height outlined in the guidelines
  • The maximum floor and/or roof load capacity of the venue and the points from which the system can or cannot be suspended; local factors such as emergency or loading doors, internal or external location, hot, warm, wet, cold or dry position and side wind; the materials that should be suspended (weight) and their equal distribution; dynamic movements of the truss and rigging system; the available and/or required build-up and breakdown times; and the length of the hire period.
  • Each application should be accompanied by a drawing in *.dwg format (AutoCAD) which accurately marks the position of the materials to be suspended and the position of the Stand in the hall or other part of the Convention Centre
  • All desired suspension points should be marked on the drawing concerned, together with the (height) measurements in (centi)metres, weights in kilograms, on a scale of 1:100.

Multi-Level/Double-Decker Exhibits

  • Multi-story exhibits are permitted in island booths only.
  • There are additional fees associated with Multi-story exhibits. For MRO Europe, the fee is US$45 per sqm assessed by show management and there is also a charge for the permit from the RAI. The RAI permit can be obtained from the RAI webshop.
  • For more information about adding a second story and the approval process, please contact Allison Gold at [email protected], +1.646.233.4425

Exhibitor is required to carry property and liability insurance in amounts sufficient to cover any losses or liabilities exhibitor may incur in connection with the Show, including without limitation, due to damage or loss to exhibitor's property or injury to the person and/or property of others. Notwithstanding the foregoing and except as otherwise provided in the Exhibitor Resource Center, at all times that exhibitor has access to the Show grounds, exhibitor shall maintain at a minimum the following insurance from an insurance company rated B+ or above by A.M. Best Company (or equivalent insurance rating agency):

General commercial liability insurance, including contractual liability and advertising injury coverage, with a minimum liability limit of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.

Exhibitor's policy should add Informa Media, Inc. and Informa Business Media, Inc. and their respective affiliates, the applicable Show facility, and/or any other official exhibitor service contractor as additional insureds.

By executing the Agreement, exhibitor represents and warrants that it has all such
insurance in effect and that it shall maintain all such insurance at least through exhibitor's occupancy of the exhibit space and the Show facility. If requested by Show Management, exhibitor shall provide a certificate of insurance evidencing the required coverage.

Your COI must include the following:

  • Producer: Exhibitors Insurance company & their address:
  • Insured: The exhibitor & their address:
  • Contact info
  • Insurer(s) affording coverage: See requirements above
  • Type of Insurance
  • Policy number
  • Effective Dates: Must include all move in and move out days
  • Limits
  • Description of Operations/ Locations/ Vehicles: Additionally Insured: Must include Informa Media, Aviation Week Network, Freeman (general contractor), and the Orange County Convention Center, their agents, directors, and employees
  • Certificate holder / address of certificate holder: Informa Media
  • Authorized Representative Signature


The Certificate of Insurance can be submitted via the EAC form, or sent directly to [email protected].

Sample Insurance Certificate

As the official service contractor, TWI is the exclusive provider of freight services. This includes:

  • Material handling includes unloading your exhibit material
  • Storing in advance at the warehouse
  • Delivering to the booth
  • Handling empty containers to and from storage
  • Removing material from the booth for outbound carriers

Freight must not arrive at RAI Centre prior to first Tenancy date

Please download the TWI information packet from the ERC to make shipping/freight arrangements.

All consignments must be sent freight prepaid to Schiphol Amsterdam Airport (AMS) consigned to:

CEVA Showfreight
MRO Europe 2021
Folkstoneweg 182
1118 LN Schiphol
Telephone : +44 (0) 33 0587 7412
Contact : Ron Hayes
E mail [email protected]

Shipping from the US:

US Export Controlled Items Cut-Off:

21 Sep

Chris Drum


[email protected]

General Air Freight Cut-Off:

28 Sep

Delivery Date:

17 Oct

Shipping from Canada:

General Air Freight Cut-Off:

28 Sep

Chris Drum


[email protected]

Delivery Date:

14 Oct


Please email advance copies of the Airway Bill / Bill of Lading, invoice, and pre-alert to:

TWI Operations: Ryan Eagen - [email protected]
and our on-site partner CEVA Logistics:
Ron Hayes - [email protected]

Using a consolidator may delay customs clearance and delivery. Any deconsolidation charges will be passed on to you at cost plus 10%.



All Informa events will be run according to official government and local authority guidance in the first instance, as well as any venue or location-specific regulations. In addition, all Informa events will follow the ten Informa AllSecure priority commitments.

AllSecure 10 Commitments

When You Arrive on Site

  • Before entering everybody, who wants the enter the building, will be asked to scan a QR-code. The visitor is asked to answer five questions via this QR code. If the visitor answers all these questions with "no", he will see a green screen "No symptoms". If one of the questions is answered with a "yes", the visitor will see a red screen "Symptoms found". Visitors may only enter, the building, on presentation of the green screen. For privacy reasons, the answers will not be saved.
  • Separate doors may be designated as entrances and exits
  • All attendees are expected to wear masks/facial coverings while at the event
  • Any person (Exhibitor/EAC/Vendor) must register for a RAI Build-up/Breakdown Badge. Register for this badge from the RAI Webshop
  • Vehicle buffering will be compulsory, either at the RAI or at an external location, to spread traffic needing to use the loading doors

Physical/Social Distancing

  • All event activities should take place with social/physical distancing in mind.
  • Please keep a 1.5m distance between yourself and other attendees.
  • Avoid handshakes and embraces as greetings, and avoid sharing printed business cards
  • Take advantage of event technology! Use the MRO Event app to connect with other attendees, find exhibitors and get the latest event information
  • Floorplans have been adjusted, aisles have been widened and considerations have been made in the event setup to allow for adequate crowd distribution
  • All booth activities (meetings, receptions, demonstrations, etc.) should accommodate for social distancing. We request that you staff your booth to not exceed
    2 booth personnel per 9sqm space at any one time.

    9sqm = 2
    18sqm = 4
    36sqm = 8
    54sqm = 12
    72sqm = 16
    90sqm = 20

  • Meeting areas, furniture in your booth should be arranged to accommodate a safe physical distance between booth personnel and tradeshow visitors.
  • Take advantage of event technology
  • Use lead retrieval for contact-free scanning of attendee badges to effectively follow up on leads from the event!
  • Please limit physical giveaways at the booth to avoid high touch points

Stand Catering/Receptions

When planning receptions or catering at your booth, please consider the following:

  • All receptions are limited to after 1 pm and must have approval from show management. There must be adequate space in or near your booth to host a reception
  • Food and beverages on stand must be single portion and packed in disposable material
  • Exhibitors can order food and beverages from RAI's 'Stay Safe' assortment in the RAI Exhibitor Services Webshop
  • Bringing outside catering on show days is not allowed
  • Additional catering staff may be ordered from the RAI. Such staff needs to be included in the exhibitor's calculation for compliance with the 1.5-metre distancing rule


Avoid lines!! Exhibitors may collect badges on setup days to avoid crowds and allow for easy access to the hall before the show open. Please come prepared with your barcode confirmation ready to display on your mobile device.

Registration Hours:
Tuesday, October 19 08:00 – 17:00
Wednesday, October 20 08:00 – 17:30
Thursday, October 21 08:00 – 15:00


  • Stand cleaning is available from the RAI Webshop
  • We request that you regularly disinfect your stand throughout the event
  • Please remove waste regularly in designated bins and through pre-ordered stand cleaning services

Go with the Flow (of traffic)

  • One-way aisles may be implemented within the exhibition hall, on the concourse and/or at registration to minimize physical contact and bottle necks.
  • Entrance Only and Exit Only doors will be implemented.
  • Attendees are discouraged from gathering at entrances and causing traffic jams.
  • If an entrance is crowded, please take advantage of a lobby networking area until the crowd disperses, and entrances are clear.