MRO Europe is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC

Conference: October 22-23, 2024
Exhibition: October 23-24, 2024

MRO Europe App

The MRO Europe event app allows you to connect with attendees, browse exhibitors, products and sessions and help plan your day.

Available via desktop and mobile device, the platform is open for networking pre-event, during the event and post event.

All exhibitors and attendees will be notified when the app is available. For more information, read the FAQ below or contact [email protected]

Key Dates:

  • Exhibitor Admins: Access from September 18
  • All Attendees: Access from October 3 – networking begins!

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Key Features:

  • Browse the attendees, agendas, exhibitors and products
  • Use filters to narrow down your search to find your prospects
  • Send live chat messages and book meetings ahead of time
  • Add sessions to your diary, along with your pre-booked meetings for a full daily schedule in your pocket

Are you registered?

To access the app and networking platform you will first need to be registered for the event.

Once registered, you will receive joining instructions. Be on the lookout for an email from [email protected]


Q. How do I access/login/download?

A. Make sure you are first registered for the event (click here to register). Only registered attendees will receive their login instructions.

Exhibitors will be given access to the platform approx. 1 month before the event allowing time to complete their company profile and add their team members

Attendees will be given access to the platform approx. 2 weeks before the event to begin networking. You will receive an activation link via email – please look out for an email from [email protected]. Once activated from this link you will be able to set a password for future logins.

If you have not received your activation link past the above dates, please contact [email protected]

Q. Web Platform or Mobile App?

A. The platform is available both via your desktop computer (web platform) or via your mobile device (IOS or Android).

We recommend using the web platform pre-show, creating your profile and search for your prospects to setup meetings.

We recommend using the mobile app version whilst onsite to manage your schedule and continue networking.

If you used the app in 2022, please ensure to download the latest version when available.

Q. How do I find the right contacts?

A. There are several ways to narrow down your search to ensure you connect with your prospects.

Filters – Click on the attendee tab and apply multiple filters to narrow down your list

Search – if you know the name or company, simply search using a keyword

Q. What are the key features of the networking platform?

A. On both the desktop and app you are able to:

  • Browse Exhibitors, Products and Attendees
  • Add sessions to your diary
  • Message and pre book meetings with attendees
  • Allow the matchmaking to find exhibitors and attendees most suited to your interests 

Q. How do I use the Favourite function to group items only relevant to me?

A. When browsing the event, you will come across exhibitors, attendees, products and sessions that are most relevant to you.

The best way to organise this important data all in one place is to use the favourite (the star icon). For sessions, click + My Schedule.

To view your favourites click on Profile > Networking > Favourites

Q. Why is the meeting button not available for everyone?

A. On the desktop version, you can only send a meeting to an “active” participant (someone who has logged in and updated their mandatory fields). This means every meeting request is likely to be seen and responded to.

Make sure your own profile is complete by completing your Interest Categories to allow attendees to book a meeting with you!

Q. How do I add products? (exhibitors only)

A. Adding a product or service is a great way for exhibitors to increase your visibility on the app and attract visitors looking for something specific to network about, without having to find you by name in the exhibitor list. A standard exhibitor can upload 2 products, an enhanced exhibitor can upload 10 products.

Tip: Upload an image 1000x1000px for the best results.

Q. How do I add a team member? (exhibitors only)

A. If you are a company admin, you are able to add team members to appear as representatives on your company booth. Adding a team member means:·      

  • Visitors can discover who from your company is attending·      
  • A product can be assigned to a team member, giving visitors a direction on who to book a meeting with·      
  • You can book meetings for team members

Note: To be added as a team member, you must first be registered for the event. If you are not sure who the admin is for your company, contact [email protected]

Q. Who do I contact for questions or login problems?

A. Email [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we can to help.

Tip: make sure you are first registered for the event – you cannot access the app or web platform without first being registered.