Conference: October 15-17, 2019
Exhibition: October 16-17, 2019

ExCeL London
London, UK

UAM Super Sessions

Join Aviation Week and urban air mobility thought-leadership for the next installment in the UAM series- a condensed content-packed 3 hour conversation about next steps to create on-demand aviation for smart cities and a new future for manned and unmanned transportation.

Included with MRO Europe All Access Conference Pass or as a Stand Alone Event Attendance. There are no fees to attend UAM Europe but you must Register. Seating is limited to 100 industry professionals.

UAM EUROPE AGENDA: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2:00 p.m.

The Next Big Thing? Urban Air Mobility: Industry Forecast

In this scene-setting session, engage holistically with the UAM ecosystem, consider the timeline and expectations for this market and what might impact it. What are the key trends and opportunities for stakeholders? As the UAM market continues to evolve, what individuals and organisations will be involved and what can they expect?

  •  Manfred Hader, Senior Partner, Roland Berger
2:20 p.m.

Urban Air Mobility: Understanding the Strategic Opportunities 

  • Harini Kulatunga, Head of UK UAM, Airbus
2:40 p.m.

Regulatory and Certification: Critical Challenges for UAM

How can existing barriers be overcome and what regulators are working on making this happen? When we have progressed beyond initial test flights, how do we go about building and beginning to certify electric VTOLs? How are these vehicles categorised? As the urban air mobility revolution takes place, how do governmental and regulatory bodies support and create a safe and effective framework for manufacturers, stakeholders and the public? Who is responsible for the airspace management and full scale low altitude movement and who will build and fund the necessary ATC systems? Attend to hear the regulator perspective on the strategies and timelines for planning and certification to come in the upcoming months and years.

  • Robert Thomson, Partner, Roland Berger Strategy
  • Jim Gilhooly, Partner, Achieving the Difference
  • Ravi Singh, Business Development Specialist, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • David Tait, Innovation Strategy Lead, CAA
  • Antonios Tsourdos, Director of Research, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Head of the Centre for Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems, Cranfield University
3:20 p.m.

UAM: The Operating Environment of the Future

Considering passenger and public perception: What are the FAQs? How can the media support and enhance social acceptance? How will eVTOL work around traditional airlines, airports and other competition in their anticipated operating space? Efficiency, congestion, fuel, cost, testing and validation: What issues still need to be addressed? What is the operational environment of the future when we reach mass deployment? What capacity of deliveries of eVTOLs do we expect to see in the next 5, 10 and 20 years and what supply chain will be required? How do we expect the vehicles to integrate with the other modes of urban transport and avoid conflicts and congestion? How do we plan for the inevitable cybersecurity threat and risks?

  • Moderator: Sameer Savani, Head of Innovation and Engineering, ADS Group
  • Nishaan Rama, Senior Associate, ICF
  • Rui Roosien, Consultant, Netherlands Research Center
  • Mariya Tarabanovska, Independent, UAM Advisor    
  • Olivier Usher, Research & Impact Lead, Nesta Challenges