Conference: October 18-20, 2022
Exhibition: October 19-20, 2022

ExCeL London • London, UK

Show Floor Theaters

Two Theaters on the show floor offering free to attend content

At MRO Europe, all attendees can benefit from free content at two dedicated show floor theatres. Visit the Go Live! Theater and Zones Theater to hear short and exciting case studies, presentations and product demos.

GoLive! Theater

Day 1 - Wednesday 19 October, 2022


Power Session: The Cargo Market

  • Speaker: Antoine Fafard, Aerospace Industry Analyst, Fleets & MRO, Aviation Week Network


Power Session: Lessor Insights

  • Eamonn McAuley, VP, Technical, Orix Aviation


Case Study: Why and how TAP AIR PORTUGAL introduced new digital platform technology in Tech-Ops

Digital Tech-Ops is a key opportunity for airlines to become more efficient and foster growth potential in an environment of limited human resources in aviation. Understand why and how TAP Air Portugal's Engineering & Maintenance team introduced the latest digital platform technology together with the users in the MCC (Maintenance Control Center) and led by the management. With Lufthansa Technik they will explain why change management, innovation and agile development methods matter in aviation and how they are shaping the digital future with AVIATAR's Condition Monitoring.

  • Speakers: Tiago Cordeiro, Aircraft Systems Engineering Manager, TAP Air Portugal Maintenance Engineering
  • Margarida Martini, Sales Executive Europe, Lufthansa Technik


Overcoming Challenges to Deliver Customer Satisfaction 

With the industry recovering but still facing the extended effects of ‘Post Covid Recovery”, have we established new norms or have we reverted to Pre-Pandemic operating models. What are the challenges that MRO’s are still facing and how are we coping with those challenges whilst still delivering customer satisfaction? Globalization and capacity issues has seen airlines traveling further for maintenance, as a Middle East MRO, is Joramco feeling the pain or benefiting from a gain?

  • Speakers: Fraser Currie, CEO, JORAMCO and Elie Dib, Director of Commercial and Business Development, JORAMCO


Alternate Bill of Materials (ABOM), a full coverage option providing cost and time savings to the bottom line Hosted by Wencor

  • Speaker: Gawain Mundy, Director of Engineering, Silver Wings Aerospace


Presentation from SITA


Case Study: Aerosens Hosted by HEICO 

Advances in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology has provided a framework to develop a solution that eliminates the manual challenges in performing accurate, repetitive, mandatory safety and security inspections of aircraft cabin. HEICO and Aerosens have teamed up to harness this technology. Come learn more about the use of this technology and the cost savings available to airlines as a result.

  • Speaker: Paul Belisle, VP/General Manager, HEICO


Unlocking Aircraft Data for MROs and Developing Solutions for Tomorrow’s Data Needs

Introduction to Datalink and AIRCOM ServerPlatform and FlightMessenger, the world’s most popular ACARS management solution. Used by many of the world’s largest airlines and OEMs e.g. R-R, Airbus, P&W and Embraer to manage and deliver aircraft data to drive their data predictive maintenance and data analytics services. Introduction to a new project where SITA have researched the markets needs for consistent, structured, and harmonised aircraft data including data consolidation and transformation. To finish, our ambition to develop our first generation of data integration, data engineering and workflow automation capabilities.

  • Speaker: Dominic Hickey, SITA


Commercial Aftermarket: Tricks, Tips and Traps - What we learned during COVID but were afraid to ask!

Understand the rapidly changed dynamics that have defined the post-COVID aftermarket. From Dynamic Pricing, the inter-relationships between your airline customers, vendors and trading partners, and how to negotiate for long term success in an era that has seen more change in two years than the previous 25 years combined.

  • Speaker: Robert Wills, Founder and CEO, Airstart


AI driven Digital Platforms for Data Exchange & Digital Financial Twins: Launching the FinTwin® and ATA SpXchange Ecosystem

The post-crisis recovery has given a new lease of life to digital initiatives that were deemed “nice-to-have” but now elevated to a “must-have” status within the ecosystem. In an era that is seeing increasing adoption of Digital Twins and Data Exchange Platforms, is it time to discover the potential of Digital Financial Twins – ones that enhance an Aircraft, Engine or MRO’s underlying Airworthiness and Maintenance Data to generate commercial predictions and insights? KeepFlying® will launch the latest editions of the ATA SpXchange and the Engine FinTwin®.

  • Speakers: Chandrasekhar Jayaramakrishnan, Chief Growth Officer, KeepFlying® and Kevin Cadd, Head of Product & Solutions, KeepFlying®


Presentation from Airspace 

Day 2 - Thursday 20 October, 2022


Power Session: Aircraft Health Monitoring


Power Session: Regional Innovation


Dubai South MBR Aerospace Hub, An Integrated Aviation Ecosystem

  • Speaker: Mohammad Al Falasi, Aerospace Director, Dubai South

Zone Theater

Wednesday 19 October, 2022


Steel structure MRO hangar, from idea to handover Attend for a case study of a recently completed 10.000m2 hangar project in Germany and understand schedule optimization of crucial stages in planning and erecting a MRO hangar.

  • Speaker: Matej Lozak, Project Manager, Schwarzmann


 Slot reserved for Halgruppen


 SMS into the Maintenance Organisation – Pain or Profit?

Safety Management Systems have now been mandated by EASA and UK CAA is likely to follow in the near future.  An SMS can be seen as either an expensive and unnecessary overhead or it can be implemented in a way that adds value for the organisation.  What makes the difference between these two outcomes?  How can the effective management of safety risk be integrated into ‘business’ thinking to grow the bottom line?  The extension of Human Factors and Error Management programmes to include proactive risk management needn’t be costly and it can be made attractive in MRO boardrooms – This session will help you understand how you can make ‘SMS’ work for you.

  • Speaker: Bob Simmons, Director and Joint Founder, Baines Simmons


 Getting to know Dansoft Training Services

  • Speaker: Olusegun Johnson, Training Manager, Dansoft Training Services


 Slot reserved for Assa Abloy


 Could design engineering/certification alleviate aircraft transition challenges?

  • Speaker: Oladi Olukolu, President, PT21 Solutions


The Rubb difference: Narrow & Widebody MRO hangar case studies

Rubb runs through the specifications and timelines of two of its innovative frame supported membrane MRO hangars—a 50m span x 50m long narrow body in Wales, and an 82.3m span x 87.5m long wide body in Turkey. Attend to learn why fabric buildings are the perfect solution for the aviation sector.

  • Speaker: Ryan Clarke, Sales Executive, Rubb Group


Tool/asset control and its importance within the industry

What is tool/asset control? Attend to learn about the solutions Tool Raptors supply and what issues these systems solve - how is it key within the industry?

  • Speaker: Keoni Jones, Managing Sales Executive, Tool Raptors 


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