MRO Europe 2014
Conference: October 7-9, 2014
Exhibition Hall: October 8-9, 2014
Madrid, Spain
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Track Descriptions

1. Composites & Advanced Materials

The increased use of advanced materials in new and future aircraft means that airlines and MROs are entering the thick of the maintenance reality that will require high levels of repair of these types of materials. Maintenance processes will require a major overhaul to cope with the increased utilization of advanced materials and as yet there is no industry consensus over the best engineering training, inspection processes, repair techniques, or repair materials.  Advanced materials are not new to the industry but have their own specific challenges which are now being amplified by their increased usage.  These sessions will take a detailed look at the key concerns and identify the best routes towards standardization.

2. Engineering & Maintenance

Once there is a new shift in the aviation industry, whether it may be challenge or opportunity, the engineering and maintenance department is the first place where it is considered, studied and designed for possible application into operations. This track will feature the latest developments in the aviation MRO world, and how it will impact and shift present operations, business processes and more. Hear how current MRO trends will change the marketplace with new growth opportunities and customer expectations.

3. Finance & Leasing

The growth in leased aircraft, engines, and components is creating challenges for all of those involved in the maintenance process, with lessors now having an increasingly important role in the maintenance transaction. At the same time money plays an increasingly sophisticated role in MRO and banks and private equity are becoming a much bigger part of aircraft, engine, and parts financing. These sessions will look at that growing trend, what its means for those involved in MRO services and what it portends for the future.

4. Propulsion

The engine maintenance market is an extremely competitive and fast paced segment, with new technologies evolving the sector at a rapid pace and increased OEM interest in this portion of the aftermarket shifting the traditional business models and balance of power. Airlines need to work out ways to reduce the burden of this expensive asset in terms of ownership and maintenance costs and discover innovative ways to utilize the new technologies available. Each of the topics under scrutiny in this track will have an impact on the future shape of the aircraft engine market and these sessions are designed to an in-depth look at the key issues at hand and evaluate what effect they will have on your business.

5. Supply Chain & Logistics

An efficient supply chain and effective logistics management are crucial to keeping up with the demands of an expanding industry and ensuring streamlined MRO operations. Optimizing and fine-tuning your supply chain is key to safeguarding the availability of spares and improving their delivery rate. Alongside efficiency, cost-effectiveness is a top priority with increased pressure on budgets and turn-around times. Innovative solutions are required to combat the logistical challenges of the aviation supply chain and these sessions will examine how to improve operational efficiency and transform end-to-end processes.

6. Technology

The integration of the MRO lifecycle with operators, third party service providers, and OEM maintenance services has increased the complexity of the process. There is a disparity between maintenance operations and existing technologies and a need to put in place effective operational strategies to leverage and integrate the systems and solutions available on the marketplace. Delve into the latest issues, solutions, and benefits on the technologies and information systems that support and enhance the MRO ecosystem.

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