Go Live Theater

What is it?
A dedicated area in the main hall with a program of events on the first day of the exhibition - Wednesday, October 4, 2017. Sessions include live demos and solutions from industry players dedicated to help you with your operations with new ideas to make you more efficient. Innovation sessions on line maintenance, drones, digitalization and mobile MRO. There are also some sessions dedicated to helicopter trends and a forecast from the Aviation Week Intelligence Network team!

Who can attend?
Anyone who is registered for the MRO Europe 2017 Conference & Exhibition is welcome to drop by for  live sessions and free content in the Exhibition Hall on Wednesday 

How will I benefit?
If you are  not able to join the conference at MRO Europe 2017, this is a key opportunity to see some content and hear what key industry players have to say on innovation and trends. Please check back for full agenda or email hannah.bonnett@aviationweek.co.uk if you have any questions. As part of the dedicated Helicopter Zone, we are excited to have some Heli focused sessions which will look at the forecast and trends for the industry.

What if I want to present?
To be part of the Heli Zone or book a demo in the “go Live” Theater please contact your account representative

The Go Live Theater Schedule — Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dedicated Helizone sessions.


INNOVATION SESSION - The Industrialization of 3D Printing for Cabin Interiors

Learn how 3D printing can help to eliminate inventory obsolescence, improve supply chain offering and produce certifiable parts on demand.

  • Scott Sevcik, Head of Manufacturing Solutions, Stratasys


Helicopter Fleet & MRO Forecast

This 10-year helicopter MRO market overview will provide an update on current and upcoming rotorcraft market trends, focusing on the European market.

  • Matt Harman, MRO Analyst, Aviation Week Network


New Approaches to Helicopter MRO

  • Manny Atwal, VP & General Manager, Standard Aero Helicopters


Helicopter Trends Update

  • Matthieu Louvot, EVP Customer Support & Services, Airbus Helicopters



Learn the latest on drone use and capitalizing on this new technology.

  • Denise Spell, VP of Business Development, Luftronix


Next Generation Long Range Planning

  • Elliot Margul, CEO, Aerostrat


INNOVATION SESSION – Providing Data at the Edge of IoT

How are intelligent assets enabling change for MRO companies?

  • Su Ahmad, VP and Co-Founder, Tego


INNOVATION SESSION - Virtual Reality (VR) Applications

Magnetic will show new Augmented Reality solutions for aircraft painting services and how to use VR as a predictive tool to assess change and investment

  • Pärtel-Peeter Kruuv, Interior Workshop Supervisor, Magnetic MRO